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Site Selection & Acquisition Services

Whether your project requires an existing space for remodel or a parcel of land for new construction, our team has you covered from the starting line to ensure requirements for your future site are properly defined prior to site selection.  We streamline this process for you by joining forces with a trusted Commercial Property Agent who will search for suitable properties, assist you with loan options, and negotiate the best terms for your selected site.  With our team by your side, you can rest assured the site you acquire will pose minimal risk to the future success of your project. 

  • We will work with our client to prepare a budget and statement of objectives/requirements for the site and facility.

  • Determine specifications for site selection, establishing the criteria to be used when evaluating sites  for client's project goals.

  • Partner client with a trusted Commercial Property Agent who will facilitate the property search & negotiation of selected site.

  • Connect client with qualified and experienced lenders to ensure funding arrangements are in place.

  • Connect client with a Real Estate Attorney as appropriate.

  • Determine what roles and responsibilities will be appointed to the project team (Client, Commercial Property Agent/Estimating Consultant, Project Manager, etc.).

  • Communicate with members of the team regarding updates and status of site selection and acquisition activities.

  • Work together with a trusted Commercial Property Agent to search for and collect data on available sites, including local zoning ordinances and building requirements.

  • Verifying each potential site against project criteria to identify the most suitable options to presented to our client.

  • Property Agent will determine approximate fair market value of short-listed properties by researching recent sales of comparable properties and providing report to our client.

  • Assist client with selection of most suitable site from the short list based upon requirements and budget specified for the project.

  • A trusted Commercial Property Agent will negotiate terms of the purchase with the Listing Broker/Seller, working with client's Attorney (if applicable) to ensure the purchase contract reflects the agreed upon terms including any conditions of the sale which relate to owner's consent for ground investigation or other testing on property, right of way easements, special use permit approval, etc.

  • Our team will guide you through the entire property acquisition process ensuring the appropriate 'due diligence' tasks have been addressed and communicated with the project team in advance of any pertinent milestone dates of the purchase contract.

  • Coordinate any final tasks necessary for transfer of ownership to client so project design can commence upon closing and funding of property.

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