Once the Interior Design scheme has been identified, our team will begin selecting products and materials (a.k.a. 'finishes') that not only match the design, but also meet the overall requirements of the project.  Our design team considers various factors as product options are gathered such as; 'Is it durable and appropriate for the intended use?'...'Is it budget friendly?'...'Will it require costly upkeep?'.   We don't believe in a 'one product fits all' approach, so we make it a priority to determine which materials are best suited on a client by client basis.  Only after the selected product options have been scrupulously reviewed for compatibility with the project design, a 'Sample Board' will be assembled, consisting of actual product samples for each of the materials selected.  This visual presentation provides tangible product options our clients can examine before they offer approval.

As an additional service, we can also include 3D Interior Elevation Renderings with the Initial Product Selections reflected. This is the most realistic presentation available, showcasing the proposed 'finishes' in a virtual setting.  Not only do these 3D Renderings help our clients visualize the completed space, they can also be used to make visually appealing marketing campaigns by promoting the future space to current and future customers.


During this final phase of the Interior Design process, we will work with the client to ensure all project/material 'finishes' have been selected and approved so that our team can complete the project packet for permitting and bidding.  Any 3D Interior Renderings provided in the initial selection process will be updated to reflect the finalized 'finish' selections, offering a complete visualization of the finished space.  3D Renderings are great tools for our clients to reference and use to create unique and stunning marketing pieces that showcase what's to come.