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Architectural Services


Upon meeting with you to assess the overall needs and goals for the project, our designer will create conceptual sketches and/or renderings taking into account the maximum footprint desired for the selected site as well as any requirements imposed by local authorities.  From the onset, we take the time to perform a thorough evaluation of the site to capture existing conditions that may need to be factored in to the design.   Our design process is very collaborative as we typically include all consultants from the start to ensure that we have a cohesive design that will exceed your expectations and result in a positive design experience. We offer our clients a realistic depiction of the proposed design as we use the latest Revit and industry leading rendering software to create our 3D Animation Models. 

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OPTION 1_4 - Photo.jpg

Design Development will include a set of documents showing the result of the decisions made by our efforts to work together to arrive at the correct solution.  You would expect to see developed Site Plans, Floor Plans and Rendered Elevations.  We would also include an outline of specifications based on your requirements for the Finishes, Structural, and HVAC needs.  Lumion is the rendering software we use to showcase your project in a virtual setting, producing realistic images of your future facility.  We share these images with you so you can promote your future space and use for marketing campaigns, etc.  During this phase we can also offer Furniture Design/Selection with our Interior Design Service as well as any additional Facility Planning Services that might be needed.


Construction Documents will be completed with the project team having several meetings throughout the process to ensure details are coordinated for a successful project.  Our Construction Administrator will be involved during the entire process to ensure that we have a well-coordinated, set of documents that will limit the field questions.  The Construction Documents are produced in Revit to keep them well organized using the current technology available today.  We provide a Color Board and Interior Renderings to go along with the Exterior Design on Full Service Contracts. 

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